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Trading NameICE
Number of Strands4,00 ST*
Standard NumberPAS 1061
Quality GradeGK 12
Upper LanyardHanging Set*
Lower LanyardCrotch Hook*
Shortening TypeNone*

Anschl.k. ICE GK 12 Ø6mm 4ST 1m*VARIABLE

Trading NameVIP
Number of Strands2,00 ST*
Standard NumberPAS 1061
Quality GradeGK 10
Upper LanyardSuspension Link*
Lower LanyardCrotch Hook*
Shortening Typeshortening claw*
Anschl.k. VIP GK 10 Ø10mm 2ST 1m*VARIABLE
Trading NameCondorLift
Number of Strands4,00 ST*
Standard NumberDIN EN 818-4
Quality GradeGK 8
Upper LanyardHanging Set*
Lower LanyardCrotch Hook*
Shortening TypeNone*
Anschl.k. CondorLift GK 8 Ø6mm 4ST 1m*VARIABLE
Trading NameCondorLift
Type descriptionCLCB
Standard numberDIN EN 13157
Lifting height3,00 m*
Useful lengths of the hand chain2,50 m*
Type of hangingSafety hooks
Flaschenzug CLCB 5.000kg 3m 2ST*VARIABLE
Trade nameCondorLift
Type designationCLLH
Standard NumberDIN EN 818-7
Material of the load chainsteel
Chain surface treatmentGalvinized
Hebelzug CLLH 6.300kg 1,5m 2ST


ApplicationRound slings
Trade nameCondorLift
Raw materialAluminium
Kantens. CondorLift Gurt 90mm


nominal strength1960,00 N/mm2*
Standard NumberDIN EN 13414-3
Upper Lanyardsling
type designationCable loft Stroppe*
Lower Lanyardsling*
Loop designspliced*
Raw materialsteel
Kabelschlagseil 3.940kg 6m Ø24mm*VARIABLE
Trade namePowerstar
Type DesignationPB STAR
Standard NumberDIN EN 1492-1
Upper LanyardSling
Lower LanyardSling
Loop reinforcementYes
Raw Materialpolyesters
Webbing coatingYes
Hebeb. PB STAR 1.000kg 1m


Trade NameSupraPlus
Standard numberDIN EN 1492-2
max. temperature application100 °C
min. temperature application-40 °C
Hose typeReinforced single jacket
Raw Materialpolyesters*
Rundschl. SupraPlus 500kg 0,5m*VARIABLE
Trade nameCondorLift
StandardDIN EN 13414-1
Number of strands2,00 ST*
Rope design6x36WS-SFC
Nominal strength1960,00 N/mm2*
Upper Lanyardsuspension link*
Lower LanyardSling*
Anschl.s. 700kg 1m Ø8mm 2ST*VARIABLE