Our company is in the position to keep up with globalization by working efficiently and flexibly, also by staying focused on our customers needs.

Crane Arrangement

MAS Foerdertechnik provides you with cranes of different brands such as ABUS and DEMAG. The cranes fit your needs for your business. We also provide you with the complete arrangement of the crane by our highly qualified technicians, from pre-inspection of the plantation to the final test of the product.

Various Equipements

MAS also provides you with other products like concrete machines and trucks from brands like LIEBHERR. We also provide you with seperate parts like hoists of different kinds from brands like STAHL, and chaines and cables from brands like CARLSTAHL. Also we offer electrical doors from brands like HÖRMANN, EFAFLEX etc.

Spare Parts

Our company offers ALL kinds of spare parts for all the machines needed, of all brands, independently of the manufacturer. From hoists to ropes and chaines, to various electrical equipement, your spare parts will be delivered to you with complete support of our highly qualified team.

Service and Maintenance

In our company, we value our customers' needs so we provide you with all kinds of services from inspecting, to repairing to consulting to restoring your factory and helping you stay updated to the newest technology with the help of our highly qualified technicians, independently of the manufacturer and available for 24 hours.

Quality and reliability are only possible with appropriate business partners.